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Important information about enTouch Preparedness

Our Continued Commitment

We hope you and your loved ones are remaining healthy and safe. We continue to pay close attention to developments around COVID-19, 要非常认真地对待万博matext下载在保持你们和万博matext下载的社区万博mantex体育方面所发挥的关键作用. Our first priority continues to be the safety of our customers and employees, 同时也认识到疫苗接种的进展和影响,以及万博matext下载服务的社区中COVID病例的下降.

Meeting Our Customers’ Needs

Our networks are engineered and built for capacity, speed, reliability, and expansion. 万博matext下载继续看到万博matext下载的网络的最佳性能,万博matext下载的工程师和运营中心全天候工作,以满足使用模式的变化和增加的流量. 万博matext下载在监控万博matext下载的网络和支持系统时保持警惕,因为万博matext下载中的许多人仍在工作, learning and connecting from home. 万博matext下载在这里确保您获得最快和最可靠的连接和服务.

No Contact Support

We have many no contact online tools to support you with fast, easy, 方便的方式得到个性化的支持和管理您的帐户,从您的家或任何地方. 有许多选项,包括故障排除,账单支付,设备退货,帮助 & support, etc. Here are a few links to help get you to the right place:

Account Login:
Ways to Pay Bill:
Equipment Returns:
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Helping Families Stay Connected

As part of a stimulus bill, 联邦政府已经为一个临时的政府援助项目拨出了资金, called Emergency Broadband Benefit Program (EBBP) . EBBP旨在帮助美国人在疫情期间保持与万博mantex体育的连接. Eligible households can receive up to $50 off internet service, including modem and router equipment costs, with the EBB discount on select rate plans, if you qualify. enTouch为使符合条件的顾客在使用EBBP服务后,可以免费享受高速万博mantex体育服务,对部分EBBP套餐提供补充优惠.

Keeping you and our employees safe

社区根据疾病预防控制中心的指导以及州和地方政府的最新情况做出反应和调整COVID-19协议, 万博matext下载在不断变化的环境中保持领先地位,并根据需要做出调整. 万博matext下载所有的员工都继续遵循疾控中心的指导方针,以帮助防止病毒的传播. If any of our employees has symptoms, they stay home.

We also continue to take additional safety steps when interacting with others, 尽最大努力为万博matext下载的办公室和服务车辆配备洗手液和口罩,以加强安全. In addition, our lobbies and offices are cleaned regularly. 万博matext下载的建筑物入口处将继续张贴万博matext下载面部防护的指示. 保持社交距离的地板贴花和有机玻璃防护隔板将保持不变, where needed.

We have instituted protocols that will help us service your home.

  • 可能需要到您家里进行安装或技术故障排除的预约. 万博matext下载遵循健康和安全预防措施,以保护您的家人和万博matext下载的员工在万博matext下载访问期间. For details, see our video.
  • 万博matext下载所有的员工都根据疾控中心的指导方针接受了COVID-19培训计划,帮助他们了解如何预防病毒的传播.
  • If we need to visit your home or you wish to visit one of our retail/payment centers, please be mindful of your own health symptoms. If any of the following apply, 万博matext下载将重新安排您的技术访问,并要求您不要访问万博matext下载的零售地点.
    • If you or someone in your household has had a fever or cough, or have been in contact with someone that had/has COVID in the last 14 days.
    • 如果您正在等待COVID检测结果,或在过去14天内因接触COVID而被隔离.
  • 接种疫苗的顾客、技术人员和前台工作人员不再需要戴口罩. 在非常谨慎的情况下,接种疫苗的技术人员和柜台工作人员可能会选择戴口罩. 未接种疫苗的前台工作人员和技术人员将戴上口罩,并保持社交距离. 万博matext下载要求您和您的家庭成员在万博matext下载访问期间戴上口罩,除非完全接种疫苗. Per the CDC, people are considered fully vaccinated 2 weeks after their second dose. 在任何时候,您都可以要求万博matext下载的技术人员戴上口罩上门拜访.

Our Team Is Here For You

If at any time you, your family or your business need us, our incredible support team will be there to offer you the best service possible. Our teams are working 24/7 to keep our customers connected to what they love, providing services and support to those who need it most, in the safest way possible. We’re grateful for all of our amazing employees and the work they are doing.


Can’t find what you’re looking for? See our FAQs below

What steps is enTouch taking to minimize exposure and risk?

万博matext下载已经并将继续积极地教育万博matext下载的员工预防疾病,并采取预防措施 CDC 当地卫生官员确保他们不会出现任何症状,并且在进入一个家庭时,他们自己和万博matext下载的顾客感到安全.

We have taken steps as provided by the CDC plus we have postponed events, limited the size of meetings, and provided remote-work solutions. 万博matext下载继续在每个环境中加强安全行为——从客户家庭和企业到万博matext下载的商店和办公室. 万博matext下载保持清洁计划,并继续提供额外的防护用品和消毒剂, with a continued focus on customer-facing locations and interactions.

How does enTouch maintain network reliability?

Our network is engineered and built for capacity, speed, reliability, and expansion. In addition, 万博matext下载密切监视网络使用情况24×7,以确保有足够的容量提供最佳的客户体验. Even as people continue to work from home, 由于万博matext下载的网络是为晚上高峰负荷而设计的,无论在一天中的任何时间,万博matext下载都能看到网络的最佳性能和显著的过剩容量. The additional usage during the day has had no impact on our service.

We continuously test, 监控和增强万博matext下载的系统,以确保最佳性能和可靠的连接,同时随时准备解决可能由训练有素和经验丰富的当地技术人员出现的网络问题. Our robust, 丰富的纤维网络使万博matext下载能够在东部和西部海岸以及美国中部相互连接的足迹中运作.S. with back-up capabilities for each.

Reliable communication is a critical tool. Our customers, the public, and government agencies continue to count on us to have our services up and running. 万博matext下载承诺并准备继续尽万博matext下载的职责,在这段时间和任何其他时间照顾万博matext下载的客户, communities, businesses and employees. Thank you for choosing enTouch.

What resources are available for customers?

万博matext下载拥有便捷的在线和数字自助服务工具,让您随时与万博matext下载保持万博mantex体育. You can manage your account and get customer support, chat with us, pay your bill, update account info, add TV packages, watch TV and more from the convenience and safety of your home.

What if I can’t pay my bill due to coronavirus?

万博matext下载已经并将继续与那些受到COVID-19危机财务影响的住宅和小型企业宽带和语音客户合作. 万博matext下载致力于与客户合作,寻找价格合理的套餐和支付方案.

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